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Viewing a previous version of a smart file
Viewing a previous version of a smart file

How to access all versions of a sent smart file using version history

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HoneyBook makes record-keeping easy: if you ever need to go back and view a previous version of a sent smart file, you can do just that.


This tool is available only for smart files that have been sent and edited in a project. Smart templates do not have version history.

To access a previous version of a sent smart file:

1. Find the smart file in question and click to open. You can search using the search bar, or locate the file from within the project’s Activity or Files tabs.

2. From the top navigation bar, click [number of] Versions.

3. You’ll be brought to the most recently-shared version of the file, with a detailed version history in the right-side toolbar.

📚 Tip

In addition to previous versions that were shared with clients, you’ll also see any active draft versions of the file–perfect for if you or your teammate start working on a draft, then need to come back to it at a later time.

4. From the right-side toolbar, select the version of the file you’d like to view.

The version of your smart file will open, where you can edit if it's a draft, or review the content and export pages as PDFs if it was previously shared with the project participants!


Published versions cannot be deleted. That said, clients and external collaborators cannot see other versions, only the latest shared file.

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