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How to fix an issue with your EIN
How to fix an issue with your EIN

What to do if you receive an error that your EIN is incorrect

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When connecting your bank account to HoneyBook as a Sole Proprietor or LLC-Partnership-Corp., you’ll need to enter your EIN and legal business name exactly as they appear on your SS-4 form. If they are not entered correctly, deposits to your bank account will not process.

If you receive an "incorrect EIN" email notice, it means there's a mismatch between the EIN/legal business name you entered in HoneyBook and what the IRS has on file. Follow the steps below to fix the issue and ensure you're able to receive client payments.

1. Locate your SS-4 form and confirm your legal business/entity name and EIN

  • Legal business/entity name

    • Your legal business name consists of everything listed above your address on your SS-4 form

    • It can span several lines

    • In the example below, the legal business name is: ACME LLC THERESA LOPEZ-FITZGERALD SOLE MBR

    • This information is not visible to your clients and is used for verification purposes only

  • Employer Identification Number (EIN)

2. In HoneyBook, navigate to your Bank Details section

3. Delete the Bank account and Business owners sections by mousing over them and clicking the trash can icons

4. Re-add your bank and business owner details by following the steps outlined in this article

  • Make sure that the legal business name and EIN you enter match exactly what’s listed on your SS-4 form

Once you've re-added your bank and business owner information, the verification process will start again. This typically takes just a few minutes. If anything else is needed, you’ll receive an email notice.

Still need help? Reach our team by clicking the Question Mark icon on any HoneyBook page and chatting in "Talk to a person."

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