How to quickly elevate your files

Learn six quick ways (less than five minutes each) to elevate your client experience with smart files

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HoneyBook's smart files allow you to combine the power of all your HoneyBook legacy files, plus so much more, into one powerhouse document for communicating with and booking your clients. We’ve made it super easy for you to start using them by upgrading all your old legacy files to the new builder already. All you need to do is start sending them!

The new builder allows for more customization and flexibility than your legacy files offered; consequently, there may be things to adjust in order to take full advantage of new features and design possibilities!

In this article, we’ll review 6 easy ideas to take your smart files to the next level—and each step takes no more than 5 minutes.

Setting your company theme

Setting your theme allows you to apply your colors, fonts, and branding to your entire document with one click. Whether you’re applying your theme to an already converted legacy file or to a smart file from the Template Gallery, setting your theme in company settings ahead of time will allow you to change every element of that smart file to match your branding with just one click.

Using background images

Background images are a really quick way to visually level up your files, so if you’re someone who feels like your file designs need some oomph, this is a great option!

You can choose a background image for just one page, like your welcome page; or, add them to multiple pages to give your files a clean, professional feel. You can even adjust the opacity of your image, so it doesn’t interfere too much with the other content on your page.

Adding a "thank you" page

Adding a "thank you" page at the end of a file—particularly when that file asks clients to make a payment—is a small, but meaningful, touch. After all, what better time to say thank you then when a client has just opened their wallet?

Consider adding a final page to say thanks, and fill your customer in on what comes next in your process.

Uploading custom fonts

In just 3 clicks, you can upload a custom font to use in any file you create.

The more consistent your branding is across all presentations (think Instagram, your website, emails, onboarding materials, even invoices, etc.), the more professional you’ll appear. Professional brands gain trust, and trusted brands grow.

Customizing button text

Leveraging the ability to update buttons to say what you’d like keeps your clients engaged and on task. Each page can indicate to your clients what’s coming next; what happens when they leave their current page. With just a few clicks per page you can adjust your buttons to fit your brand voice, and give your clients confidence when interacting with your smart files.

Adding a company info block

Specifically, consider adding a company info block as a header or footer on invoices, contracts, or service selection pages. Including contact info, logos, branding, and social links in your communication and booking materials is an effortless way to achieve brand continuity. With one click you can pull in all your relevant information, right from your Company Info tab.

Adopting any of these easy enhancements will have your files feeling more like you, and give your clients that true “wow” experience. Try them out on your converted legacy files, or on any template from the Template Gallery.

Still have questions? Feel free to send us a message by clicking the Question Mark icon on any HoneyBook page. Our team is always happy to help!

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