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Viewing client progress & responses in a smart file
Viewing client progress & responses in a smart file

Where to view your clients' actions within a smart file

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The simplicity of a smart file doesn’t end once it’s sent! It’s also easy to track the progress of a smart file, and any actions your client has taken, from within a HoneyBook project. Though, as always, you’ll see any major actions your client has taken in the activity feed of a project, you can also dive a little deeper by clicking to open the smart file, which will reveal the client's progress and responses.

To review a smart file's progress:

1. Find the smart file in question and click to open. You can search using the search bar, or locate the smart file from within the project's Activity or Files tabs.

2. From here, you’ll be able to review:

You’ll be able to view this progress in almost real time—as soon as a client moves to the next page in the smart file, any action taken on the previous page will be visible to you (though your client will still be able to edit it until they submit their smart file in its entirety).

From the client progress view, you can also:

  • View and countersign a contract

  • Send payment reminders

  • Mark or unmark payments as paid

  • View payment details and receipts

  • View and cancel sessions

  • Refund payments

  • Print responses to questions

  • Access other versions of the file

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