Editing & resending a smart file

How to edit and resend a smart file that your client has already received—and how your client can edit a completed file!

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If you already sent a smart file, but need to make some changes—or if your client needs to edit some responses in a file they've already completed—no problem.

Editing a smart file that’s been sent, but no action taken by clients

1. Find the smart file in question and click to open. You can search using the search bar, or locate the file from within the project’s Activity or Files tabs.

2. Click Edit File to the top right of your screen.

3. Make any updates you need, then click Publish Changes.

4. Now, you can choose to email the client to alert them to the updates, or not! They’ll see the changes next time they open the smart file either way—but we do recommend letting them know with an email.

5. If you’re emailing the changes to your client, update the email copy as necessary and click Send.

📚 Tip

If you ever need to go back and view a previous version of the file, you can do so using version history.

Editing a sent smart file that’s been acted upon by clients

Editing a smart file in which a client has already taken action—submitted responses, selected services, scheduled a session, signed a contract, or made a payment—follows almost the same steps as editing a sent smart file, even if the file has made it all the way to the Completed stage. Depending on the portion of the smart file you’re editing and the actions the client has already taken, though, you may be required to alert your client to the changes via email (instead of simply having the option to).

When your client receives an edited file that requires them to approve changes, here's what they'll experience.


Can I manually change the status of a smart file?

At the moment, you cannot manually change the status of a smart file. (For example: you cannot manually mark a file as Completed.)

How do I let clients edit their responses in a smart file that’s been completed?

Clients are not able to edit their responses in a smart file that’s currently in the Completed stage. That said, there is a workaround to change the file back to In Progress to allow them to make changes.

Simply follow the steps above to make any small change to your smart file and then click Publish Changes. This will move the smart file back to the In Progress stage, allowing your client to edit it again.

Be sure to choose the option to email your client (if your edits didn’t already require it) so they know they can now update their previous responses and resubmit.

📣 Note

Resubmitting responses to questions will overwrite the client’s original answers in the smart file, if the responses have changed. You will not be able to retrieve the original answers once they’ve been updated.

When is a smart file considered Completed?

A smart file is considered Completed once the client has completed all actions and mandatory questions and navigated to the final page of the smart file. However, if the final page contains questions or actions, the client must submit the final page in order for the file to be considered completed.

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