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How to un-archive a project

How to move a project from an archived state to an active project stage

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Archiving a project removes it from your active pipeline and stops all automated actions associated with the project. When you un-archive the project it allows you to resume communications with that client however you see fit.

When you un-archive any smart files that were associated with your project will still be expired. Learn how to reactivate a smart file or create and share new files.

Any automations that were applied to the project will also need to be added again (or edited then added if any project components, like emails, have changed). Learn how to set up automations and edit automations once they're added to a project.

  1. Find and open the project that you'll un-archive

    1. You can use the search icon or go to the Archived tab of your project pipeline

  2. Move the project to an active pipeline stage

    1. How you do this depends on what you're looking at:

      1. Your project pipeline: Hover over the project > select Options > select Move Stage > select another stage

      2. The project workspace: Select the Stage drop-down in the right nav menu > select another stage

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