In HoneyBook, your mission control for new account activity is your Notification Center, which helps you keep track of important system to-dos and alerts you when something needs your attention — very important for you busy busy people!

There are also are a set of notifications to review in the Preferences section of your Company Settings. These notifications are geared more towards reminding you to take action on certain things, or alerting you if your client needs to take action.

Notification Center

The Notification Center alerts that are currently available are:

  • New Inquiries: New inquiries coming through your contact form

  • Project Messages: Messages in Activity Feeds within Projects

  • Payments: Payments that have been made

  • Activity on Files: Unread file emails, Brochure packages selected, Questionnaires submitted, and Preferred Vendor Lists requested

  • Opportunities: Relevant opportunities and comments on opportunities

  • Community Connections: Requests to connect from the Community

  • Referral Program: Activity on referrals you've made

Turning these notifications on will ensure that you see an alert about the given activity when clicking the bell icon, and will also ensure that you see the number badge on the bell icon, indicating how many unread notifications you have.

PLEASE NOTE: Turning off notifications here will only affect the alerts in the Notification Center itself. You will still always receive email notifications for important events, such as new Inquiries or recent payments that have been made.

In the Notification Center, you can also:

  • Mark all notifications as read at once

  • Mark an individual notification as read

  • Toggle between unread and all notifications

  • Update your notification preferences 

  • HoneyBook Tip:  If you’ve already responded to a feed message or countersigned a contract, that notification will automatically mark itself as read.

Preferences in Company Settings

The notifications within your Company Settings Preferences that are currently available are:

  • Notification when an email containing a file hasn't been viewed by your client (email notification sent to you)

  • Notification a week before a Project (email notification sent to you)

  • Notification when you've drafted a file, but haven't sent it 3 days later (email notification sent to you)

  • Notification when a file you've sent hasn't been booked (signed or paid) by your client within a week (email notification sent to you)

  • Notification when a Project you're creating conflicts with the date of an existing Project (pop-up notification within HoneyBook)

  • Tracking client-facing automated emails in the Activity Feed of your Projects 

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