Reversing a payment marked as paid

How to undo or edit a payment you marked as "paid"

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You manually marked a payment as paid but now—oops—need to undo it. Never fear—it can be done!

To undo a payment you marked as paid:

1.  Navigate to the project for which you'll be adjusting a payment.

  • You can search for a specific project via the search icon, or click the Projects tab to review your full list.

2.  Once you've opened your project, locate the smart file that contains the payment, and click to open.

3.  Click the 3-dot icon next to the payment you'd like to revert > Undo mark as paid.

4.  Click Undo $___ to confirm the reversion.
The payment will no longer be listed as paid.

📚 Tip

Reversing a payment marked as paid will not send an email to your client.

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