Track payments on a drafted smart file

How to manually record a payment as paid when the file is still in draft mode

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When a client has already paid prior to setting up your smart file, you can keep track of this payment on the file by marking it as paid.

You have two options to track the payment this way:

  • If the changes you've made are no longer needed, you can delete the current draft and mark the payment as paid

  • If you want to keep the changes you made to the file, you can mark the payment as paid and resend the file to your client for their approval

Delete the current draft of the smart file

If you delete the current draft of the file the changes you made will be lost. If you'd like to keep the changes, instead follow the steps below in Update and share the smart file.

1. Find and open the file that needs to be adjusted

a. You can use the search bar or go to the project workspace's Files tab

2. Select Edit File, located in the top-right corner of your screen

3. Select the Version menu in the toolbar, under the file's name

4. From here, find the draft version in the Version history menu > select Edit draft

5. In the top navigation menu, select the triple dot icon > select Delete draft > select Yes, Undo Changes

Update and share the smart file

You should resend the updated file only if you want to keep the changes you made.

  1. Mark the payment as paid on the draft file

  2. In the top menu, select Update & Share

  3. Write the email you want to send to your client (or choose an email template to use)

  4. Your client (and others involved in the project) will receive the updated file with the payment marked as paid

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