Once you've set up your QuickBooks integration with HoneyBook, any new incoming payments should automatically begin syncing to your selected QuickBooks account. 

PLEASE NOTE: This article references QuickBooks integration, available for HoneyBook’s Essentials and Premium plan members. Learn more about the features included in each plan here.

The sync should happen as soon as a payment has been made. Each time a new payment is made on an invoice, your Quickbooks Online invoice will update accordingly.

You can confirm that invoices have synced to your Quickbooks Online account in the Payments tab of your Bookkeeping tools, under the Paid Payments section. 

If there is a green QuickBooks logo in the Status box, the payment on that invoice has successfully synced.


PLEASE NOTE: In order to avoid duplications in your Quickbooks Online account from information you may have already entered, invoices that were created prior to connecting HoneyBook to Quickbooks Online will not automatically sync to your Quickbooks Online account — they'll need to be synced manually.

Manually syncing an invoice

For any old invoices that haven’t automatically pushed over, you can manually sync these to QuickBooks. 

You can determine whether an invoice has not synced in the Payments tab of your Bookkeeping tools, in the Paid Payments section. 

Any unsynced payments will be denoted by a gray QuickBooks icon, rather than a green icon.

Simply click the gray icon to manually sync a payment. That payment and any associated unsynced payments will push to QuickBooks.

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