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Syncing invoices from HoneyBook to QuickBooks
Syncing invoices from HoneyBook to QuickBooks

Understanding how and when invoices sync, how to confirm a sync was successful, and how to sync manually if necessary

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Once you've set up your QuickBooks integration with HoneyBook, any new incoming payments should automatically begin syncing to your selected QuickBooks account.Β 

The sync begins by checking if the customer has made a prior payment based on their email address. If the email address exists in QuickBooks, a new payment is added to the invoice. If the email address doesn't exist, a new customer profile is created in QuickBooks. Learn more about what info sync between HoneyBook and QuickBooks.

These syncs will happen as soon as a payment is made. Each time a new payment is made on a HoneyBook invoice, your QuickBooks invoice will update accordingly. This includes any invoices you've manually marked as paid.

You can confirm that invoices are properly syncing to your QuickBooks in the Payments tab of your Bookkeeping tools. If you find a green QuickBooks logo at the end of that payment's row, the payment in that invoice is synced.

πŸ“š Tip

To avoid duplicating invoice info that you might've already entered, invoices created in HoneyBook prior to integrating with QuickBooks will not automatically sync to QuickBooks. These invoices must be synced manually.

Manually syncing an invoice

Once you've integrated your HoneyBook and QuickBooks accounts, you'll want to manually sync all HoneyBook invoices created before the integration. You can find which invoices are not synced to QuickBooks in the Payments tab of your Bookkeeping tools. These will appear in the Paid Payments section.

If you find a gray QuickBooks icon, the payment(s) in that invoice are not synced. Select the gray QuickBooks icon to manually sync the payment.

πŸ“š Tip

When you manually sync a payment, the date in the corresponding QuickBooks invoice will be the date the payment was synced, not the original payment not the HoneyBook project date.


"Account Period Closed" error

If you're receiving an "Account Period Closed" error when attempting to sync a payment, chances are, you're attempting to sync a payment or invoice with a date for a year that is already locked in your Quickbooks account.

To resolve, reopen the closed period from your Quickbooks account, then resync the payment from your HoneyBook account.

General sync errors

If you're having any other problems getting your sync to work, contact Support by clicking the Question Mark icon on any HoneyBook page and chatting in "Talk to a person." Please let Support know exactly which payment needs to be resynced,

If the problem is with an individual payment, we'll want to know exactly which payment needs to be resynced, and you'll want to delete (not void) that transaction in your QuickBooks account when you reach out to Support.

Still have questions? Feel free to send us a message by clicking the Question Mark icon on any HoneyBook page. Our team is always happy to help!

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