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Integrating your HoneyBook account to QuickBooks Online
Integrating your HoneyBook account to QuickBooks Online

How to integrate HoneyBook and QuickBooks, and what information you need to complete the integration

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As a savvy business owner, you know the importance of financial clarity and organization—which is exactly why HoneyBook integrates with QuickBooks! All of your HoneyBook payments  can automatically sync to your QuickBooks account for easy management.

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You must have an Essentials or Premium HoneyBook plan to integrate with QuickBooks. You must also have a Simple Start, Essentials, or Plus QuickBooks plan to integrate with HoneyBook.

Connect your HoneyBook account to QuickBooks

The first thing you'll do is connect the accounts to each other.

To set up your QuickBooks Online integration with HoneyBook:

1. Select the Tools tab in the to navigation menu.

2. Under Finance, select Payments.

3. Select the QuickBooks tab.

📚 Tip

You can also begin the integration by selecting your profile photo → select Company Settings → select Integrations.

4. Select Connect.

5. Enter your QuickBooks login info and authenticate your account on the new browser window that appears.

Enter your QuickBooks tax rate and deposit account into HoneyBook

Next, you need to tell HoneyBook what your QuickBooks tax rate (if you charge sales tax) and deposit account are.

If you use QuickBooks Canada, your experience will be different. See the next section to learn what you need to do and know.

1. On the QuickBooks tab, select your QuickBooks tax rate from the drop-down menu. You'll supply this only if you charge sales tax to your customers.

2. Select your QuickBooks deposit account from the drop-down menu (aka the bank account that payments you receive on HoneyBook come into).


The default QuickBooks account you select in HoneyBook should match the bank account you have listed on your QuickBooks dashboard.

More info on QuickBooks Canada

  • You'll see an additional field in your QuickBooks integration settings, where you should select a zero-rated/exempt tax rate

  • Any items with no tax on your HoneyBook invoice will automatically default to that zero-rated tax rate that you set

  • Any items with tax on your HoneyBook invoice will automatically default to your default tax rate set in HoneyBook when synced in QuickBooks

  • For any items with a different tax rate than your default tax rate (tax in a different province, etc.), you must manually update that tax rate in QuickBooks.

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