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Referral Program FAQ

All you need to know about HoneyBook's Referral Program

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Our Referral Program is a way of rewarding you when you help bring a new member into the HoneyBook platform. 

To get started, simply share your referral link with someone you think would love HoneyBook. When they click on it, subscribe, and become a HoneyBook member for 90 business days or more, we'll send money straight to your bank account. Don’t forget—your referral link gives your fellow creatives a discount on their first year of HoneyBook!

Types of referrals

Basic Referral

  • Available for all members who have transacted less than $2k through HoneyBook

  • Give 25% off to your referrals

  • Get up to $50

Premium Referral

  • Available once you transact over $2k through HoneyBook

  • Give 25% off to your referrals

  • Get up to $200

📚 Tip

HoneyBook Educators have special referral tiers. Learn more about the Educator referral tiers here!

Why do we have a Referral Program?

As a HoneyBook member, you tell our story better than any advertisement or marketing. When you give us your ultimate stamp of approval and bring in a new member, it means the world to us. Our Referral Program is our way of saying thank you, and meaning it.

Monitoring & security

To ensure that our referral program can continue to best serve our community, our referral program is closely monitored by our dedicated Fraud Team.

Referral Program FAQs

Still have questions? Feel free to send us a message by clicking the Question Mark icon on any HoneyBook page. Our team is always happy to help!

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