HoneyBook's referral program is a great way to spread the good word to your fellow entrepreneurs... and make some $$$ in the process. Here are some tips for getting the most out of the program.

Best Places to Share Your Link

  • 1-to-1 emails, texts, and messages: If you know someone well, we find sending your unique referral link to them directly via email, text, or your messenger of choice is very successful.
  • Instagram Stories: If you're active on Instagram, using the Stories feature gives a life of its own to talking about HoneyBook and your referral. If you have the "Swipe Up" feature, be sure to attach your referral link there. If not, be sure to put your link in your bio.
  • Linktree (on Instagram): If you're a Linktree user, adding your referral link is an easy and evergreen way to surface your link to friends and followers.
  • Facebook groups: As long as it complies with the group's policies, sharing your link with your small communities on Facebook has proven successful. Be sure to add some context to why you're sharing!
  • Blog posts: If you're someone who writes blog posts about your work and process, feel free to add your referral link where it makes sense. For great examples, check out how Laylee Emadi Photography and Laura Lee Creative did it.
  • Your website: If your website visitors are often other creatives who could use HoneyBook, this is another evergreen way to put your link to work.


What to Say When You Share

The most important thing to remember is to share your personal experience with HoneyBook. 

This could mean sharing your favorite feature; what your life looks like after joining; how your clients have reacted; how you've up-leveled your professionalism; how you've saved time for the things you love most; or why you decided on HoneyBook in the first place.

A Few More Best Practices

Explain why you’re sharing your referral link and inviting someone to HoneyBook.

Remember that you’re giving people a discount when you share your referral link — so tell them why you love and recommend HoneyBook!

Contact someone when they use your link to sign up for a free trial. We’ve found that new users really value hearing from current members as they evaluate HoneyBook. 

As soon as someone uses your link to sign up for a free trial of HoneyBook, we send you an email to let you know. This email allows you to contact your referred friend, whether it’s just to say thanks or to share your experience with HoneyBook.

Want to learn more?

Still have questions? Feel free to send us a message by clicking the Question Mark icon on any HoneyBook page. Our team is always happy to help!

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