HoneyBook's Reports page provides you with an overview of your leads, bookings, and financial analytics. Below, we'll walk you through the different reports on this page, guiding you through what all the numbers mean.

To get to your Reports, click the Tools tab in your top navigation bar, and select Reports.
HoneyBook Tip: Only the account owner will have full view of reports. Team members will only see information in this tab for Projects they created or are a part of.

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Monthly Report - Bar Chart

The bar graph here reflects the number of bookable files (leads) you received and the number of Projects you booked within each month.
Within HoneyBook, a Project will be considered booked if a Proposal has been signed and/or a deposit paid on an Invoice.

Your HoneyBook Projects

Your HoneyBook Projects section will only show data for Projects with event dates that are in the selected time frame. Only Projects occurring within that time frame and that have a set Project date will show.

Included in this section:

  • Collected Payments: The amount you have collected on Projects that are occurring within the selected time frame.
  • Outstanding Payments: The payments that are due on Projects occurring within the selected time frame.
  • Total Value of Bookings: The total value of bookings for Projects occurring in the selected time frame. 

Not included in this section:

  • Data for Projects that do not have dates associated.
  • Projects occurring on dates that are not within the selected time period, even if a payment is received in this time period

You can also export this data as a CSV to view the Projects' total value, Project type breakdown, amounts collected, and outstanding payments.

Where are your leads coming from

The included graph will give you a breakdown of where your leads have come in from, based on the lead sources you've set in your Company Settings. This section can be modified to display a specific date range, and has a CSV file that can be downloaded.
This CSV report will show all Projects added within the specified date range along with lead information such as Project date, lead source, and booked date.


Yearly and Monthly Analytics Reports

Your annual and monthly reports will give you a higher-level view of your analytics from specific years or months.

Included in this section:

  • Files Sent: The number of bookable files (Invoices or Proposal) sent within that month.
  • Booked: The number of Projects that received a signature via a Contract or Proposal and/or received their first payment during that month or year. This data does not reflect when the actual Project is occurring. 
  • Tax: The total tax based off of all payments made during that month or year.
  • Value of Booked Projects: The total value of booked Projects during that month or year. Please note: this is based off of files that you have booked (retainer paid on Invoice file or retainer paid and signed on Proposal file) during that month or year, and it takes the total value of each file — both paid and unpaid payments.
  • Your Success Rate: The number of leads divided by the number of booked during that month or year.

To download a CSV of any yearly or monthly report, click on the link highlighted in blue next to the report in question. These CSV reports will reflect all payments received during a particular year or month. They will also break out all payments showing transaction fees, tax, discounts, payment dates, and amounts received.

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