Adding a discount to an invoice

How to discount a dollar amount or percentage of the invoice subtotal

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Need to add a discount to an invoice? Read on for the how-to.

Before you get started: Make sure you're working on a smart file with an invoice. Learn more about creating invoices here.

Note: Unless you always apply a discount in specific cases, we recommend not adding discounts to your invoice templates—and instead, adding a client-specific discount when sending an invoice in a project, if the situation calls for it!

1. Locate the invoice block in your smart file and click into it.

2. Above the invoice total, select + Add discount.

3. Select whether you'd like the discount to be a percentage or dollar amount, then enter the percentage or dollar amount value.

📚 Tip

The discount is taken off of the invoice subtotal (total of the packages and items before discounts or taxes), and will be reflected in the invoice total.

That's it! The discount will be applied and reflect in the new invoice total.

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