Editing a smart template's email settings

How to edit the default email settings for your smart templates

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To save even more time, you can tie default email templates and email settings to your smart templates! Whenever you get ready to share that smart template through a project, the corresponding email will appear automatically. You can make any edits to the email, or just send it out right away.

To edit the default email settings for a smart template:

1. Locate your smart template and click to open.

2. Click the three dot icon to the top right of your screen, then Edit email settings.

3. From the email template drop-down, select the default email template that you’d like to appear every time you get ready to send the smart template to a client.

4. Next, customize the settings for the email template.

  • Show your company logo: toggle ON or OFF to adjust whether you’d like your secondary company logo to appear in the email

  • Edit button text: enter the text that you’d like to appear on the email button linked to your smart file

5. When you’re ready, be sure to click Save!

PLEASE NOTE: If you set a default email template and email settings for a smart template, but then add the smart file to an automation and choose a different email for that automation step—the email chosen when creating the automation step will trigger, overriding the template settings. However, the logo and button settings set at the template level will remain the same.

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