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Marking payment as paid: client paid outside of HoneyBook
Marking payment as paid: client paid outside of HoneyBook

How to record manual payments and share or manually publish files to add the income to your bookkeeping

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While the easiest way to get paid is directly through HoneyBook (hello, direct deposits!), sometimes, clients need to pay via cash, check, or some other payment method. Fortunately, it's easy to record those payments in HoneyBook as well, making it simple to track anything coming in outside of HoneyBook from within the individual projects.

Manually mark a payment as paid

1. Navigate to the project for which you'll be adjusting the payment.

  • You can search for a specific project via the search icon, or click the Projects tab to review your full list of projects.

2. Once you've opened your project, locate the smart file you'll be editing, and click to open.

3. In the Payment Schedule section, select the outline of the payment you'd like to edit.

4. In the right sidebar, select Mark as paid.

5. Select the method and date of the payment, then click Mark as paid.

The status of the payment will now adjust to paid! To make sure that your Reports and Bookkeeping reflect the changes, be sure to share or manually publish the file.

📚 Tip

Marking a payment as paid will not automatically send an email or receipt to your client. If you'd like to notify them, be sure to send a note.

Add manual payments to your Bookkeeping

In order for manual payments to be tracked in your Reports and Bookkeeping, you’ll need to share or manually publish the files that they’re marked as paid in.

To share a file with a manual payment:

Just follow the steps outlined here to share your file with the project participants. You can send the file via email or a link shared over text message, social media, or any other avenue you choose.

To publish a file with a manual payment:

If you’ve marked a payment as paid in a draft file and would like to make the changes live without notifying your client, you can simply publish the file by following the step below.


When you manually publish a file, the project participants will still be able to view the file within the project, but they won’t be notified that you’ve published it.

1. Within the draft file, click the publish icon.

📚 Tip

You’ll only have the option to publish draft files that contain a manual payment (marked as paid or marked as paid, then marked as refunded).

That’s it! The file will be published, and the manual payment will appear in your Reports and Bookkeeping, without any email or notification going out to the project participants.

Still have questions? Feel free to send us a message by clicking the Question Mark icon on any HoneyBook page. Our team is always happy to help!

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