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How to track your client paying outside of HoneyBook
How to track your client paying outside of HoneyBook

How to record manual payments and share or manually publish files to add the income to your bookkeeping

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While the easiest way to receive money is directly through HoneyBook, sometimes clients may need to pay with cash, check, or another method. Luckily, you can still keep track of these payments in HoneyBook.

This is the process when you’ve already sent the file to your client. If your smart file is still a draft, the process will look slightly different.

1. Find and open the file you need to adjust by using the search bar or accessing the project workspace's Activity or Files tabs

2. Look for the Invoice section in the file's Action Summary

3. Select the payment you want to mark as paid

4. Select Mark as Paid

5. Select the method and date of the payment > select Mark as Paid

6. Now, the payment will show as Paid in the file's Action Summary

a. Your Bookkeeping tool, and it will be included in your reporting

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