Smart files contain a number of helpful automations–one being the ability to automatically pull a client’s service selections into an invoice. We know it can be cumbersome to manually enter all of your client’s purchases, which is why smart files have two ways to remove this middle step:

  • If you like to glance over your client's selections before sending out a request for payment, you can use two smart files: one, where clients will select services; and another, that will be automatically saved as a draft file containing an invoice with the client’s selections.

The second option is great if you require a manual review step in your process, and it’s what we’ll cover in this article. With this automation in place, you can easily review the draft invoice, make any adjustments, and send it out for payment!

  • HoneyBook Tip: If you're familiar with HoneyBook's legacy files, this article covers the smart files equivalent of creating draft proposals from clients' service selections.

This article references smart files, our newest file experience offering more power and customization than ever. Click here to learn more about smart files and add them to your account!

To set up invoice drafting from client service selection:

1. First, you’ll need to set up a smart file that allows for service selection. Within any smart file, make sure that a services block is added to it.

  • HoneyBook Tip: If you want to allow for this automation whenever you send a smart file with services, make sure that you’re working in your templates! A template’s settings will apply every time the template is used, but you can always adjust the settings on a one-off basis when you’re working on the template in a project.

2. Click the block container of the services (the outline of the boxes that hold the services), which should display the services settings in the right sidebar.

3. Under the services settings, make sure that the service selection is set to Select one or Select multiple.

4. Under the services settings, make sure that Selection is required is toggled ON (blue).

5. Next, click the gear icon to open the smart file's settings.

6. Scroll to the service block settings section and toggle the button ON (blue).

7. Under the drop-down, select the smart template that you would like to be saved as a draft after a client submits service selections.

  • If you choose a smart template that already contains an invoice block, the clients’ selections will be added to any existing invoice items in the drafted version.

  • If the smart template does not already contain an invoice block, we’ll add one for you with the chosen services.

  • HoneyBook Tip: If you'd like your clients to sign & pay all at once, make sure that the template you select contains a contract! If you're familiar with HoneyBook's legacy files, this will set up the equivalent of creating draft proposals from clients' service selections.

8. Click Save & Exit.

Once you share the services smart file with a client and they submit selections, you’ll see a new draft smart file in the client progress area of the file, as well as in the Files tab of the client’s project. Then, you can review the draft, make any necessary changes, and send the new file when you’re ready for the client to make payment!

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