Welcome to HoneyBook's new smart files!

In this pre-recorded webinar, we'll explore all the basics of getting started with the new builder and your converted legacy file templates. Consider this your kick-start guide to customizing your client experience and streamlining ASAP with the power of smart files.

Your account look a little different? You might have a different version of files! Smart files are still in beta, but they’re coming soon and offering more power and customization than ever. Join the waitlist to get access ASAP!

In this webinar, we'll review:

  • What are “smart files” and where to start

  • Finding the new builder and your converted legacy file templates

  • The basics of building a smart file (what can they do?)

  • How to send a smart file to your client (spoiler alert: it doesn’t have to be in email!)

  • 4 quick tips for getting started with smart files today

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