In HoneyBook, you can easily upload your brand assets like images, logos, fonts, and colors to make sure that everything you do and send through the platform feels like a cohesive extension of you and your brand. You can even link your business email account, so that your communications in and out of HoneyBook are one united front.

In this video, we'll learn:

  • How to upload your logos

  • How to set a default brand color

  • How to upload other business imagery and assets

  • How to set a default theme, including colors & fonts, for your client-facing smart files

  • How to integrate your business email account with HoneyBook

Prefer a written walkthrough? We got you. Check it out here!

This video references smart files, our newest file experience. If you still have legacy files in your account, you may see something a little different! Smart files are still in beta, but they’re coming soon and offering more power and customization than ever. Join the waitlist to get access ASAP!

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