The company info block (a special type of content block) pulls logos and contact information directly from your HoneyBook company settings and allows you to quickly add it to your smart file in a variety of layouts—an easy and professional addition that’s perfect for headers, footers, intro packets, and more! You can even edit or expand upon the company info layouts.

To take full advantage of this feature in smart files, make sure to double check that your company info is all up to date by clicking your profile picture, then company settings. You can update your logos, contact info, and social links in your Company Brand tab.

Your account look a little different? You might have a different version of files! Smart files are still in beta, but they’re coming soon and offering more power and customization than ever. Join the waitlist to get access ASAP!

In this article, we’ll cover:

To add a company info block to an existing page:

1. Click the large Plus (+) button to add a new block.

2. Select Company info.

3. From here, you can:

  • Choose your preferred layout to start from a new company info block. You can try a few different layouts by selecting from the layout gallery while it’s still open; once you’ve clicked the block to start editing, though, you won’t be able to switch to another! (Don’t worry—you can always delete the block you added and try again with a new layout); OR

  • Select reuse company info from a template, then select an existing smart file template to pull in its company info block

HoneyBook Tip: If you used the old saved blocks feature, any saved company info blocks will appear in the list for easy addition, too!

4. Once you’ve added your company info block, jump here to customize it further!

To add a company info block to a new page:

1. Click the Pages icon at the top of the builder.

2. Click Add Page.

3. From here, you can:

To customize your company info block:

1. Once you’ve added your company info block, you can further customize the content by:

  • Clicking your logo to replace, crop, or edit other formatting

  • Clicking the text to reformat

  • Clicking your social icons to edit their look

  • Clicking any element to move or delete

2. You can always customize the design of any content block by clicking the block container (outside of the boxes that hold the elements), which will open your content settings. Then:

  • Select a background color

  • Adjust the background color opacity

  • Select a background image from your Library, or upload a new one

  • Customize the content width (S, M, L, or 100%)

  • Adjust the column spacing by using the scroll bar

  • Change the top & bottom padding (S, M, L, or Custom)

Remember that you can also:

  • Reuse blocks and pages between smart file templates

  • Copy & paste elements or blocks by clicking to highlight the area, then using the Command-C/Command-V (Mac) or Control-C/Control-V (PC) commands to copy and paste

  • Rearrange or delete any element by clicking the element itself to display the move or trash can icons

  • Rearrange or delete entire blocks by clicking the block container (outside of the boxes that hold the elements) to display the move or trash can icons for the block

  • Add background colors, images, or further customize the formatting of the block by clicking the block container (outside of the boxes that hold the elements)

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