Customizing your file's theme

How to set default fonts, colors, and more as you build a smart file

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The theme of your HoneyBook smart files sets the visual tone for your brand, letting you set default colors and fonts for the main text content, questions, buttons, and more. It helps define the style of your smart file while saving you the time of resetting your branding with every section you add.

This won’t lock you into a font and color scheme—you can always override the styling on individual elements—but it does help streamline the file-building process!

Setting your overall company theme

Setting your company theme not only ensures that new smart files you create will default to your colors and fonts of choice, but also allows you to use those settings to override themes on any existing templates you might use—so you can keep the cool layout example, but still make it look like your brand with just one click!

To set your company theme:

1. From any page, click your profile photo in the top right corner of your screen.

2. Select Company Settings from the menu.

3. From the Company Brand tab, scroll down to find the Company Smart File Theme section.

4. Click Customize Company Theme.

5. Customize your smart file theme as necessary! You can adjust:

  • Main font and color settings

    This section will determine the default font and font color when you add sections containing text, as well as the default background color for all sections.

    The selected highlight color will appear on buttons, hyperlinked text, and selector icons.

  • Button settings

    Here, of course, you can change the look of the buttons within your smart file. The font and font color, size of the button, and corner rounding can all be adjusted.

  • Question settings

    Update the look of any question fields you might add to your smart file! Change the font and the size, as well as the details like coloring of the input field and border, any warning text that might appear, and the corner rounding of the input fields.

6. Click Save when you’re finished—and also remember that you can adjust an individual smart file's theme, or override settings on individual elements within a file! This simply gives you a head start on your design.

Setting a theme on an individual smart file

A smart file will always come equipped with a default theme: if you're starting from scratch, this will be the colors and fonts you selected when setting your company smart file theme, and if you started with a template from the Template Gallery, you’ll see that particular template’s colors and fonts represented.

Either way, you can make changes to the theme of an individual smart file if necessary. From within a smart file, click the paint palette icon, or click Customize Theme at the top of your Pages menu. This will open this file's theme settings.

Now, make any updates that you need, and remember to keep an eye on the theme preview on the right, so you can see how your changes will look.

Remember to click Save when you’re done—and also remember that you can override these settings on individual elements! This simply gives you a head start on your design.

Applying your company theme to an existing template

Since starting with a template from the Template Gallery means that the file theme will default to that particular template’s colors and fonts, we've made it easy to keep the parts of the template you loved while quickly imparting your own brand!

To apply your company theme to an existing smart file template:

1. From within a smart file, click the paint palette icon, or click Customize Theme at the top of your Pages menu to open the file's theme settings.

2. Click Apply Company Theme.

Still have questions? Feel free to send us a message by clicking the Question Mark icon on any HoneyBook page. Our team is always happy to help!

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