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How to add a custom domain

How to white-label your client-facing URLs

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📣 Note

Only account admins, super admins, and owners are able to connect a custom domain.

In HoneyBook, you can customize the URLs of your client portal and the files you send. This can be done in one of two ways, either by:

Use the HoneyBook domain

Your client portal defaults to use our domain through an auto-generated URL of: Once you start your HoneyBook membership, the prefix portion becomes customizable. We'll cover how to customize the prefix below.

📣 Note

You will only be able to edit the prefix once you are a subscribed member. You are only able to edit three times.

  1. From any page, click your profile photo > select Company Settings

  2. Select the Domain & Client Portal tab

  3. In the URL field, locate the Use our domain section

    1. Click the Edit Prefix button and enter text to adjust the prefix to your liking

      • You will only be able to edit the prefix, which is the text before

      • If you need to adjust the prefix after you’ve claimed it, click the pencil icon again to edit

  4. Click Save when you're ready

Use your company domain

If you’d like to give your clients an even more customized and integrated experience, consider using a subdomain.

  1. From any page, click your profile photo > select Company Settings

  2. Select the Domain & Client Portal tab

  3. In the URL field, under the Use your company subdomain section, click Use company subdomain

  4. In the pop-up that appears, enter your domain name

  5. Choose your subdomain

    • Maximum length: 63 characters

  6. Click NEXT: Create Subdomain

  7. Create the subdomain with your website host. Depending on what domain host you use and entered, the next steps will vary between a) or b) below

    1. If you use GoDaddy, Ionos, or Google Domains as your domain host, you can use our Easy-Connect feature to create your subdomain without leaving HoneyBook

      1. A pop-up window will appear from your domain host. Log in with your credentials for this domain host, and click Confirm

      2. Close the window and click Activate Subdomain

      3. You'll see another window stating, "Please confirm that you’ve successfully logged in to your domain host and approved the subdomain," where you'll hit Confirm

      4. If you were not able to log in to your domain host successfully, click Cancel to close the prompt and click Launch the domain host again in the bottom left to try again

    2. If you use any other domain host, you'll want to go to your domain host site and create your CNAME record name

      1. We recommend searching your domain host’s help center for “CNAME record” or “adding a subdomain” to find specific instructions

      2. You'll need to point your CNAME to "" for your custom domain to work

Once you’ve customized and connected your subdomain, we’ll process the registration of the subdomain. This can take a few hours.

When the subdomain is officially connected, your Domain & Client Portal tab will state "active domain" and you'll receive a confirmation email.

Still have questions? Feel free to send us a message by clicking the Question Mark icon on any HoneyBook page. Our team is always happy to help!

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