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Customizing and using project details
Customizing and using project details

How to customize your project details fields to suit your business—and how to use them moving forward!

Updated over a week ago

To make sure that every piece of information you collect in HoneyBook is relevant to you and your business, you can create custom project details fields within your Company Settings! 

Once you have your custom fields set up, these fields make it easy to record the exact details you need, review them as necessary, and even apply them to other elements of HoneyBook, like contracts.

Create custom project details fields

Though your account will come with a few required default details fields (project name, type, date, etc.), you can always add more fields to suit the information your business needs to collect.

📣 Note

Account owners, super admins, and admins are the only users who will have the ability to create and edit custom project details fields. Within a project, other team members will be able to edit the field information for the specific project, but not able to customize the fields themselves.

1.  From any page, click your profile photo in the top right corner of your screen > select Company Settings from the menu.

3.  Select the Preferences tab.

4.  Next to Project Details, click Edit.

5.  Click Add to add a new project details field.

6.  Enter the field name.

📣 Note

At the moment, fields can only be in short text format.

You can delete any custom fields you've added by hovering over a section and clicking the trash can icon on the right. Currently, however, the default fields cannot be edited or deleted.

7.  When you’ve added all necessary fields, click Save.

📣 Note

If you have existing projects in your pipeline, adding a new field will only affect projects you create moving forward— it will not be accessible in existing projects.

Access & edit project details in a specific project

Now, when you're creating a new project, you can use your custom fields (along with the default fields) to house the information that you need. You can also add additional dates, locations, and adjust your session availability for the individual project from the Details tab.

1.  Find the project that requires editing: you can search via the search icon in the top left corner of your home page, or select the Projects tab to review your full list of projects.

2.  Once in the project's workspace, click the Details tab.

3.  Click any field to edit the detail in question.

Everything will save automatically. And don’t worry—even if you added some project details as you were creating your project, none of them are set in stone. You can always add, edit, or remove details down the road.

Use custom project details in files

With your new project details in place, you can now use these fields to enhance your contracts, as adding custom fields in your Company Settings will automatically add those fields to your contract smart fields list as well.


Are project details visible to my clients?

Clients can see the Details tab of any project they're added to, along with all of the default and custom project details, including the "About the project" section. Clients, however, cannot see the Private Details. Scroll down in the Details tab to find your Private Details—here, you can add timestamped notes that are only visible to you and your internal team members with project access—not your clients.

What are some examples of custom project details fields to add?

Whatever information you like to keep handy for a project! This could include: Google Drive folder link, preference notes, and more.

Still have questions? Feel free to send us a message by clicking the Question Mark icon on any HoneyBook page. Our team is always happy to help!

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