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How to sync your device's calendar to HoneyBook's mobile app
How to sync your device's calendar to HoneyBook's mobile app

How to sync your mobile calendar and access HoneyBook's calendar tool—and all your calendar events—on your iOS or Android app

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To ensure you have a comprehensive and accessible calendar, HoneyBook's iOS and Android apps have you covered. By default, your HoneyBook calendar displays all events related to HoneyBook, including project dates, payment due dates, and meetings.

Additionally, you can integrate your external calendars, such as Google, Outlook, and iCloud, to see all your events in one place. Learn more about the calendar integration.

Sync your device's calendar with HoneyBook

To avoid double booking and better manage project details, grant the app permission to access and display your device's calendar. Allow the app to directly retrieve events from your iOS or Android calendar.

  1. At the top of your screen, select your profile picture

  2. Select App Preferences

  3. Toggle on Mobile calendar events

From here, you can quickly swap to your mobile device's calendar when viewing a project date or meeting date from a project's Details tab.

Your device calendar only shows your schedule and doesn't impact what your clients see as available. So, even if a time is marked as busy on your device calendar, a client can still choose that time slot through your scheduling link. However, if this availability is also displayed on your external calendar (Google, Outlook, or iCloud), the client won't be able to book during that time.

What information you'll get from the calendar

Your calendar will be color-coded, with the dot colors all having specific meanings. You can also tap into events on your calendar to get more details on the calendar, dial into a meeting, add notes, etc.

  1. From the bottom navigation menu, select Tools

  2. Under Productivity, select Calendar

From here, the dots you'll see will indicate different events. Use the filter at the top of your screen to remove any of these from your calendar view.

  • Orange dot: Meeting scheduled

  • Purple dot: Payment due date

  • Green dot: Project date

  • Gray dot: Tentative project date

    • A project with a project date, but without a booked file (signed contract or received payment)

What you can do with calendar events

Tap into any event to get more details about it. If you tap into a meeting event, you can dial into the meeting via phone call (if you added a contact phone number) or video call (if you added a video call link). This is also where you can start getting directions to the location for an in-person meeting.

Remember, meetings can be created by your clients when you share a session link with them, or you can create them yourself!

Still have questions? Feel free to send us a message by clicking the Question Mark icon on any HoneyBook page. Our team is always happy to help!

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