Deleting a workspace

How to remove a workspace from a project

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There are two situations in which you may be deleting a workspace: 

  • If the workspace in question is a full project—you can learn more about deleting projects here.

  • If the workspace is part of a project (a related workspace) and you only want to remove the specific workspace—which we'll go over below!

Not sure what a workspace is or what it does? Check out more here.

PLEASE NOTE: If a workspace contains a file on which a payment has been made, the workspace cannot be deleted.

To remove a workspace from a project:

1.  Navigate to the project that requires a workspace to be deleted.

  • Search via the search icon in the top left corner of your home page, or select the Projects tab to review your full list of projects.

2.  Select the workspace you'll be deleting from the Related Workspaces section.

3.  Once in the correct workspace, head to the Project Options section (right-side tool bar) and click the 3-dot icon.

4.  Select Delete Workspace.

5.  If you're sure you'd like to delete, click Confirm.

PLEASE NOTE: This will PERMANENTLY remove all data associated with this workspace, including all the files within it.

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