You've customized your Contact Form, and now, you're ready to embed the form on your Wix website. Yay!

To add the HoneyBook Contact Form to your Wix website: 

1.  Open the Wix editor for your website. 

2.  Click on Pages.

3.  Select the page on which you'd like to install your form. In the image below, we've chosen the Contact page.

4.  If there are any existing forms, you'll need to delete those before moving on to the next step.

  • To delete, click on the existing form, then select the trash can icon.

5.  Click the (+) Add button.

6.  Click More, then select the HTML Code option.

7.  Click Enter Code.

8.  In the What do you want to add section, click Code.

9.  Paste your Contact Form embed code (from HoneyBook) in the Add your code here section.

10.  Click Update.

11.  Resize the Contact Form box to your liking using the sizing drag-and-drop.

Congratulations! You've installed your HoneyBook Contact Form onto your Wix website.

For more information about adding HTML code, see the Wix Help Center.

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