You've customized your Contact Form, and now, you're ready to embed the form on your Squarespace website. Before you begin, a note about working with Squarespace: 

  • To add the HoneyBook Contact Form to your Squarespace website, you'll need a Squarespace Business plan

To add the HoneyBook Contact Form to your Squarespace site:

1.  Locate the page on which you'd like to install the form. 

2.  Hover over the page content, then click Edit

3.  If you have an existing form in your template, hover over the block and click the trash icon to delete it. 

4.  Click the plus sign to add a new block to your page.

5.  Click on the Code icon to add a code block to your page.

6.  Paste your Contact Form embed code (from HoneyBook) into the code box and click Apply.

7.  Click Save to save changes. 

Congratulations! You've installed your HoneyBook Contact Form into your Squarespace website.

For more information about adding HTML to code blocks, see the Squarespace user guide

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