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How to elevate your clients’ e-signature experience
How to elevate your clients’ e-signature experience

Steps you can take to create a seamless contracting flow

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When you share a HoneyBook contract with a client, they can sign it with just a few clicks. We’ll cover a few tips to ensure you’re providing the best-possible client experience below.

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Want to learn more about creating and sharing a contract? Check out this article.

Utilize smart fields

Rather than manually typing in project- or client-specific details over and over (which can lead to information falling through the cracks), use smart fields in your contracts.

Smart fields can be used to automatically pull in project details, or to request information. You can set smart fields up to:

  • Automatically pull:

    • Info from project details fields, such as relevant dates, locations, client contact info, and more

    • Answers from questions you ask in your file at some point before the contract

    • Session-related details, such as the meeting date, time, location, and name

  • Request (or require) clients to fill out fields before they’re able to sign

  • Remind you to fill out certain client or project information before sending

Learn how to set up and use smart fields here.

Get inspiration from the Template Gallery

The smart files Template Gallery is just what it sounds like—a gallery of pre-created smart templates, ranging from questionnaires and quotes to contracts and invoices. These templates are here for however you choose to use them—you can save to your own templates to build off of, or simply look through for some inspiration.

  1. From your top navigation bar, select Templates > Template Gallery

  2. Check the Contracts filter to the left side of your screen

    1. Filter by your Industry to locate relevant contracts

  3. Click on the template that you’d like to view

  4. Within the pop-up that appears, either:

  • Scroll through to preview the template

  • Select Quick Save

    • The template will be immediately accessible under your Templates page in the Saved templates folder

  • Or, select Edit this Template

    • You’ll be sent straight to the smart files builder, where you’ll be able to edit the template

    • The template will be automatically saved under your Templates page in the Saved templates folder

Understand the client experience

Your clients’ experience with contracts is simple, but it’s important to understand what they’ll see as you build your files out.

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Any time you're working on a file, click Preview to see the client view.

Once your client has reviewed a contract and filled in any necessary smart fields, they can click or tap the signature line to add a legally binding signature to their contract. They’ll have the option of typing in a signature or drawing it in, and can sign from any device.

If your client ever needs to download a PDF version of the contract, they can do so by following the steps here.

Combine your contract with other actions

Smart files allow you to combine actions like service selection, scheduling, invoices, payment pages, contracts, and more into one cohesive file. This means you can streamline your booking process and reduce back-and-forth with your clients.

If you find yourself sending separate invoice and contract files, for example, but at the same time—that might be a good clue that it's time to combine them into one smart file.

Learn more about commonly-combined steps in smart files here.

Still have questions? Feel free to send us a message by clicking the Question Mark icon on any HoneyBook page. Our team is always happy to help!

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