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How to explore income and expense projections
How to explore income and expense projections

Your cashflow is a key indicator of your business's health, so you should regularly review how it's doing

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This article covers a feature that's included in an invite-only closed beta. If you're not a part of the beta, your finance suite will look different, and the help articles you'll want can be found here.

How money flows in and out of your business is a key indicator of its health. This metric, known as your cashflow, tells you at a glance how your business is doing financially.

View your future income and expense projections

You have three key metrics available to review: your income, your expenses, and your balance (the difference between income and expense numbers). You can choose between viewing to-date sums or projections.

Money-in and money-out projections estimate upcoming booked payments & projected expenses. These are for reference purposes only. Real time income and expenses may significantly differ based on changes that cannot be predicted.

  1. Go to the Finance tab in the top navigation menu > select Dashboard

  2. Above the Balance insight, select what time range you want to view your insights for

    1. Choose a past time range to view to-date sums (e.g., month-to-date)

    2. Choose a future time range to view projections (e.g., next month)


📚 Tip

Select the Balance card to get a breakdown of exactly what income and expenses make up your balance. Your time range will determine whether you see historical or projected numbers.


What the numbers mean

These three numbers (Income, Expenses, and Balance) give you information about how your business makes and uses money. The table below explains what each number includes and excludes. The types of income and expenses marked with To-date only are not taken into account when determining your projections.



Does not include


  • Client payments for bookings sourced from HoneyBook

  • (To-date only) Any ACH deposits into your HoneyBook Finance account

  • All transaction fees (credit card, ACH, or instant deposit)

  • (To-date only) Capital loan repayments

  • (To-date only) Temporary holds for disputed transactions


  • (Projection only) Transaction fees

  • (Projection only) HoneyBook Capital loan repayments

    • This is factored into future client payments


The difference between income and expenses


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