Uncovering a project's finances

Find out how a project impacts your cash flow

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This article covers a feature that's included in an invite-only closed beta. If you're not a part of the beta, your finance suite will look different, and the help articles you'll want can be found here.

Learn how each project adds to (or takes away from) your cash flow by using the project finances section. You'll gain insight on the project's profitability and can discover how this project contributes towards your overall company's profitability.

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You must pay for each expense with the HoneyBook Finance debit card and tag expenses to the project for that expense to be included in the project's finances.

Finding the project finances section

Note that if the project has yet to receive payments, the project finances section will not appear.

To find the project finances section:

1. From the top navigation menu, select Projects.

2. Select the project for which you want to see its project finances.

3. In the section labeled Only visible to you, find the Project finances section.

Understanding the project finances section

The sum of payments made to you for this project, the sum of expenses, and the net project income are all available in this section. The net project income is calculated by subtracting this project's expenses from payments made for the project.

If the project has received payments but has yet to accrue expenses, only payments will appear in the project finances section.

You can review the expenses associated with this project by selecting the number in parenthesis next to Expenses.

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