Turning gratuity on or off

How to allow your clients the option to add a tip to their payments

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For those extra generous clients who want to add a tip on top of their payment, we've got just the thing. When sending a smart file with an invoice, you have the option to allow gratuity as part of your payment options.


Gratuity is not currently an option on recurring invoices.

To turn the gratuity option on or off:

1. From within the smart file you've created, either:

  • Navigate to the invoice page, then click the outline of the invoice block to open the settings sidebar > Set payment options


  • Navigate to the payment page, then click the outline of the payment block to open the payment settings

2. Toggle Client can leave a tip ON or OFF.

Now, when your clients are submitting a payment, they'll be able to add a tip to their payment by selecting a percentage, or they can enter a customized dollar amount.

๐Ÿ“š Tip

Want your clients to have the option to add gratuity only after the first payment is made? Just keep this setting toggled off when you first send your smart file! Then, once your client makes the first payment, edit the smart file to turn gratuity on and publish the changes so that your client sees the updated setting and can tip on future payments.

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