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Comparing HoneyBook features: legacy files vs. smart files
Comparing HoneyBook features: legacy files vs. smart files

Understanding the similarities and differences between legacy files and smart files

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This article references smart files, our newest file experience offering more power and customization than ever. Click here to learn more about smart files and add them to your account!

Big news: your HoneyBook legacy files and templates can now be built and sent as smart files!

Smart files allow you the same HoneyBook functionality you’ve come to know—you can send invoices, contracts, services, questions, and more—but with a new world of capabilities and customization.

PLEASE NOTE: Your legacy file templates are still in your account; nothing has been deleted! You can find those templates in the Legacy Files tab of your Templates section, and can still send them to clients.

Key features








PLEASE NOTE: Automations are available for Essentials and Premium plan members. Learn more about the features included in each plan here.

Building & managing docs

Design options

Client experience

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