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How to use legacy proposal files that were converted to smart files
How to use legacy proposal files that were converted to smart files

How to send smart files that replicate the legacy proposal file experience

Updated this week

HoneyBook has enhanced the booking features in the smart files builder, making it easier for businesses to book clients with a signature and payment. Your existing proposal templates are already updated, so you don't need to recreate your old files.

However, you can still access your original legacy proposal templates in the Legacy Files tab of your templates. You can also continue to create new proposals in the same way, including an invoice, payment schedule, payment page, and contract, while taking advantage of the smart files enhancements.

Locate and send a proposal smart file

If you're looking to send a proposal that HoneyBook already updated for you, you'll start in your My Templates page.

  1. From the top nav menu, select Tools > select My Templates

    1. You can find your original templates in the Legacy Files tab of your templates page

  2. Select the Invoice and Contract filters

  3. Open the template you want to send

From here, you can update the invoice, the contract, or other parts of the smart file. Learn how to share a smart file.


If you want to create a proposal smart file from scratch, you'll want to include an invoice block and a contract block. Learn more about building smart files. You can also refer to HoneyBook's template gallery to get inspiration or a starting point for your own proposals.

The differences between legacy proposals and smart files

Just as you could with your legacy proposal files, you can easily create simple, beautiful smart files that combine an invoice and a contract (or send out one of the templates that are already updated for you).

When creating a proposal, smart files will allow you all the same options as legacy files, including the ability to:

  • Add a header image

  • Display packages and items included in the invoice

  • Customize the images, descriptions, and prices of those packages or items

  • Create a payment schedule (or use a payment schedule template you've saved)

  • Customize how clients can pay (credit card/bank transfer, autopay, optional gratuity, etc.)

  • Add custom contract language

  • Customize the formatting of contract text

  • Add smart fields

  • Pull in signature lines for project participants

What's new with smart files?

Instead of using separate documents and emails, you can now create a single smart file that combines all the elements of your process, such as service selection, invoice, and contract. This file can be customized with branding options and allows you to add more content.

Alternatively, you can send a simplified file with just an invoice for the client to review and pay, along with a contract for them to review and sign, similar to your current approach with legacy proposal files.

Still have questions? Feel free to send us a message by clicking the Question Mark icon on any HoneyBook page. Our team is always happy to help!

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