Setting a project date

How to add or change the date(s) for a project

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One of the first steps to managing a new project (and updating your calendar!) is setting a project date. You’ll be prompted to whenever you create a new project, but remember to set your project dates—they're what pull your projects onto your calendar and they can be leveraged in a number of other areas (such as automations and smart fields).

💡 You can think of a project date or date range as: the event date(s), the final deliverable due date, the span of time you expect to work with a client, or the project end date.

To set or edit a project date:

1. Find or create the project.

2. Once in the project's workspace, click the Details tab.

3. Set the project date and time.

  • If you’d like, add an end date and/or time by clicking + Add end date. The project will appear on your calendar as spanning from the start date and time to the end date and time.

  • Add an additional date and time to the project by clicking + Add date. You can add an end date and/or time for this additional date, too.

  • If a client's scheduled session date is being used as the project date and you change it, changes to the relevant session's date (like a reschedule or a cancel) will no longer change the project's date.

📣 Note

Only the primary project date or date range will appear in your HoneyBook Calendar. If you add additional dates and times by clicking + Add date, these will appear only in the project itself—not in your calendar—and won’t affect your availability.

4. Once you’ve added or edited the project date(s), be sure to set your session scheduling availability for the project. This allows you to set the project date as Free or Busy for other clients that schedule time with you.

Your project date will now be set, and the project will appear on your HoneyBook calendar for the primary project date or date range.

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