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How to set a project date

How to add or change the date(s) for a project

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To effectively manage a new project and update your calendar, it is essential to set a project date. These dates allow your projects to be displayed on your calendar and can be utilized in automations and smart fields.

The project date could be thought of as (but aren't limited to) the event dates, final deliverable due date, how long you'll work with the client, or project end date.

  1. Find and open the project that you'll set the date for

    1. You can use the search icon, your project pipeline, or create a new project

  2. Once you're looking at the project workspace, select the Details tab

  3. Set the project date and time.

  4. You have some additional options if you need more flexibility or want to have more details

    1. Select + Add end date if you want the project to have a timeline.

    2. Select + Add date if you want to track more dates.

    3. If you add more date details, they'll only appear in the project. Your calendar and availability won't be affected if you add end dates or more dates.

From here, the project will appear in your HoneyBook calendar on the primary date (or primary date range) you chose. Additional dates you've added with + Add date will not appear in your HoneyBook calendar (only in your project).

Your next steps are to set your session scheduling availability. This will let you choose if the project date you chose will fill your availability for when clients want to schedule a session with you.

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