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Finding your membership invoice history in HoneyBook
Finding your membership invoice history in HoneyBook

Where to find and download records of your HoneyBook subscription charges

Updated over a week ago

Need to find old records of your HoneyBook subscription? Head to your Membership tab in Company Settings!

Here, you’ll find your Invoice History section, providing a list of all previous subscription charges, charge dates, and amounts. If you see something in the amount column denoted as a refund—e.g. $20 (refund)—this indicates an amount that has been refunded to you.

You can also click the download icon under Download Invoice to download an individual invoice—perfect for tax season! When you download a membership invoice, you’ll find a few pieces of information:

  • The date range covered by the charge

  • A description of the charge (e.g. “Annual” for an Annual Plan)

  • The price of the membership for that period

  • Any discounts for that period

  • The subtotal (membership price minus discount)

  • The amount paid

PLEASE NOTE: At the moment, you’ll be able to access your invoice history through May 2020. If you’d like to see invoices before that date, then please contact our Support team by clicking the Question Mark icon in HoneyBook.

Still have questions? Feel free to send us a message by clicking the Question Mark icon on any HoneyBook page. Our team is always happy to help!

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