Do YOU have time search through lists of Projects or contacts or files to find that one thing you're looking for? No? Neither do we — so we recommend using the search bar in your HoneyBook app instead!

With the search function, you can simply start typing the name of a Project, file, or contact to find every item containing your search term. You can also tap on a specific tab to see a full list — for example, if you want to see your full list of contacts — or, use the tabs to refine your search to a particular category!

iOS and Android: Using the search bar

1. From the home page of your app, just tap the search bar at the top.

2. You can tap any tab to search within a particular list — Projects, files, or contacts — or, just simply start typing your search term to pull up results from all lists.

  • HoneyBook Tip: Don't know the full name of the person, file, or Project you're searching for? No prob! Just start typing whatever part you remember, and the search will bring up anything that contains your search term.

3. Now, just tap the Project, file, or contact to open!

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