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Switching between multiple companies via mobile app
Switching between multiple companies via mobile app

How to toggle between your various companies via the Android app

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Once you’ve added multiple brands/companies to your HoneyBook account, you can easily switch between them via the mobile app to review each brand’s activities!

PLEASE NOTE: This article references multiple companies, available for HoneyBook’s Premium plan members. Learn more about the features included in each plan here.

iOS and Android: Switching between multiple accounts

1.  From your home page (Pipeline view), tap the Settings tab in your bottom navigation bar.

2.  Select Switch Company.

3.  Tap to open the company you'd like to switch to!

PLEASE NOTE: When new activity occurs in Company 2 while you're currently logged into Company 1, you'll still receive a notification — that way, you're always up on the latest for all your companies!

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