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Accessing and managing your task list via mobile app
Accessing and managing your task list via mobile app

How to access your task list, add tasks, and receive notifications for tasks through the iOS and Android apps

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Tasks in HoneyBook are your internal to-do list, visible only to you and/or your team — but not your clients! — making them a great way to keep your Projects organized whether via desktop, or, as detailed below, via the iOS or Android app!

From both apps, you can access your full task list, enable push notifications for task reminders, as well as view and edit tasks from within individual Projects

iOS and Android: Accessing your full task list and adding tasks

From the home screen (Pipeline view) of your app, tap the Tools icon in the bottom navigation bar, then select Tasks

This will bring you to your main task list. From here, you can: 

  • Filter your list based on due date or task status by tapping the large drop-down

  • Sort your list by description, due date, or Project by tapping the smaller drop-down

  • Edit existing tasks or check off tasks you’ve completed

You can also add a task by tapping the Plus (+) button in the top right corner, entering the task details, and tapping Save.

iOS and Android: Adding tasks from within a Project

In addition to viewing and adding tasks from your full task list, you can also access and add tasks from within individual Projects.

To add a task:

1.  Navigate to the Project for which you'd like to view or add tasks.

  • To find a Project: search via the search icon at the top of your app's Home screen (Pipeline view), or locate the Project from the Project List in your Pipeline.

2.  Once in the Project, you can view and add tasks in two ways:

  • Activity feed: you'll see a Tasks tab at the top of the feed, which will note whether there are currently any tasks associated with this Project. Either way, you can tap the tab to view or add.

  • 3-dot icon: tap the 3-dot icon, then View Project Tasks.

3.  Both options will bring up the tasks for this Project. From here you can:

  • View tasks for the given project

  • Tap the box to check off existing tasks

  • Swipe left over a task to delete it

  • Tap on the task to edit it

  • Tap the Plus (+) button to add new tasks

4. Swipe down on the tasks section or tap the Project screen in the background when you're ready to be close the Tasks list.

iOS and Android: Adding tasks from outside of a Project

On top of adding tasks to your full task list and adding tasks from within individual Projects, you can also add tasks straight from the Home Screen (pipeline view).

To add a task:

1. From the Home Screen (Pipeline view), tap the + Button.

2. Select Task.

3. Enter the Task description, due date, and decide if you’d like to attach the task to an existing or new Project.

4. Tap Save when you're ready.

Setting task notifications

Once you've created a task, whether it's attached to a Project or not, you have the option to receive Push Notification reminders when the task's due date rolls around. You can adjust your company's time zone from your Company Tab. This will need to be done via desktop.

When you Enable Push Notifications for tasks, the HoneyBook App will:

  • Notify you of all the tasks due that day at 9:00am, based off of your company's preset time zone. If you haven't set your time zone, the notifications will default to 8:00am PT.

  • Notify all team members on the Project to which the task is assigned.

  • Notify the creator of the task if the task is not associated with a Project.

Still have questions? Feel free to send us a message by clicking the Question Mark icon on any HoneyBook page. Our team is always happy to help!

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