When there's new activity in a Project or Workspace that you own or are associated with—whether sent directly via the Activity Feed, or when files are sent and acted upon— here's when to expect an email notification regarding that activity.

Activity Feed: sending and receiving messages

If a Project owner, team member participant, or client participant sends a message through the Activity Feed, emails will go to the:

When a response comes in on that email thread, all Project participants will be notified of the response as well.

Files: sending, and activity on files once sent

When a file is sent, emails will go to the:

If a client sends a response to message containing a file, or if action is taken on the file (ie—it has been viewed, signed, or received a payment), emails will go to the:

  • Team member who created the file 

Additional team members associated with the Project—even the Project or account owner—will NOT be notified for any actions related to files they did not create.

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