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How to make a lead form for mini sessions
How to make a lead form for mini sessions

How to create a form that allows potential clients to schedule and book a short session

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Lead forms allow you to create public forms and experiences that you can share publicly using a direct link. If you've ever wanted to share out your availability for a mini session, while also allowing anyone to instantly schedule and pay for one, lead forms are a way to do this. Your account even comes preloaded with a mini session template to make the build process easier.

Before you get started

Make sure you have the session type that you’d like to include in your lead form already set up with the HoneyBook Scheduler tool. Customize the template, publish the form, then get started sharing its link to boost your bookings.

Make a mini session lead form

Starting from the template gives you the perfect build framework: it contains all of the content and action blocks needed to book mini sessions, so that you can quickly add your own brand-specific details and get started sharing.

  1. From the top nav menu, select Tools > select Lead Forms

  2. Select Create New > select Mini-session

  3. Select Edit this template

  4. Choose if you want to create a session or select an existing session

    1. If you select Create a session to make a whole new session

    2. You’ll be brought to the HoneyBook Scheduler in a new tab, where you can create and customize a new session type

    3. Afterwards, navigate back to the tab with your lead form and select your new session

  5. Decide if you want to charge for your session

    1. If you toggle this on, enter the price for the session and your lead will pay for the booking before submitting the form

  6. Select Next

  7. Optionally, adjust the question wording

    1. Select Add question to get more questions on the form

  8. Select Next

  9. Give your lead form a title and add a thumbnail. Your leads will be able to see these in DMs and social posts

  10. Decide if leads should receive a confirmation email after submitting the form

    1. Select Preview email to see what they would receive

  11. Decide if the lead form should be connected to an automation once the form is submitted

    1. If you toggle this on, select which automation should run

  12. Select Save and Preview Form

  13. Review the template

    1. If you want to make changes to the text, layout, design, or settings, select Advanced Editing

      1. If you select Advanced Editing, learn more about customizing your lead form

    2. Once you've completed any editing, select Get a Link

    3. Copy the lead form's link and share it

    4. The lead form isn't tied to a specific project, so the link can be shared anywhere with anyone who wants to book a one-time consultation with you

Here's some suggestions for places you can place the lead form's link:

  • Your website: add as the linked URL for a button, or in the top navigation bar

  • Marketing campaigns

  • Linktree

  • Social media

  • Text

Next steps

When someone clicks on the link, they will be taken to a page where they can fill out a form to book their session. After they submit the form, they will receive an email to confirm their booking if you have turned on the email confirmation setting. The session will be added to their calendar automatically*, and they will receive another email with the details of the session.

📣 Note

A session will be considered booked only once the form is submitted. Learn more about a lead’s experience submitting a form.

*If the lead uses Google Calendar and you haven't been in contact prior, they'll need to indicate they know you in the session confirmation email in order for the meeting to be added to their Gcal.

When the lead submits the form, you will receive an email and a notification on your computer. If you have the app, you will also receive a notification on your phone. HoneyBook will then create a project for that lead and add it to the Inquiry stage. The scheduled session will also be added to your HoneyBook Calendar. The project will have the completed form and the lead's information, so you can start communicating with them.

Still have questions? Feel free to send us a message by clicking the Question Mark icon on any HoneyBook page. Our team is always happy to help!

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