Publishing a lead form

All about publishing and sharing lead forms; plus how to publish changes to, or deactivate, a live form

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Once you’ve built out your lead form, publish the form to make it live and get started sharing it. Remember, lead forms can be shared with anyone via public links, and distributed over any channel(s) you choose.

📣 Note

At this time, lead forms cannot be directly embedded on your website. As a workaround, we recommend adding a button to your website and linking the button to your lead form!

Publishing and sharing a lead form

To publish your lead form:

1. From your lead form, click Publish.

Your lead form will now be considered live. From here, you can copy and share its unique link over any channel(s). Some suggestions:

  • Your website: add as the linked URL for a button, or in the top navigation bar

  • Marketing campaigns

  • Linktree

  • Social media

  • Text

📚 Tip

Need to edit a lead form's URL? You can do so under the lead form settings!

When the link is clicked, leads will be brought to your live form where they can fill it out and submit.

📚 Tip

Learn more about a lead’s experience submitting a form here.

When the form is submitted, you’ll receive an email and a desktop notification, a push notification (if you have the app downloaded), and HoneyBook will automatically create a project for that lead in the Inquiry stage. The project will include the completed form and the lead added as a project participant (using the name and email they entered), so that you can get started communicating and sending files.

Publishing changes to a live form

If you’ve published a lead form but have since made edits to it, follow the step below to make sure the changes are published in the live version.

To publish changes to a live lead form:

1. Once you’ve finished making changes to your lead form, just click Publish Changes.

That’s it! Any time a new lead accesses your live lead form, your recent changes will be visible to them.

📣 Note

Publishing changes to a live lead form will not affect any versions of the form that have already been submitted.

Deactivating a lead form

Need to deactivate a live lead form? Just follow the steps below.

To deactivate a lead form:

1. From either within your form, or your lead forms templates page, toggle Live OFF.

Your lead form will now be considered offline—if someone clicks its link, they’ll receive an error message and won’t be able to view or interact with the form.

You can always toggle Live back ON to republish the form.

Still have questions? Feel free to send us a message by clicking the Question Mark icon on any HoneyBook page. Our team is always happy to help!

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