What emails show in HoneyBook?

Understanding what messages track in a HoneyBook project

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Sending messages through HoneyBook lets you quickly communicate with clients and makes sure all of your emails are organized and tracked in one place.

So that all of the relevant communication is tracked in a project—and nothing irrelevant pulls in–HoneyBook looks at the sender, recipients, and threading of a message. If a message meets the criteria below, it will appear in the corresponding HoneyBook project’s activity feed, where you and the other project participants can reference the message along with other emails, important project details, files, and actions.

📣 Note

These rules apply regardless of if you have email integration set up. Integrating your email allows you to change the sender email and ensures that all of the communication you send through HoneyBook appears in your email inbox–it does not mean that all messages you or a client send will appear in HoneyBook.

Below, we'll cover the HoneyBook side of things. If you're looking to learn about what messages show in what email inboxes, check out this article instead.

What messages will appear in a HoneyBook project:

  • Any messages sent directly through the project’s activity feed

  • Responses (can be sent through the project’s activity feed or an email inbox) sent to a message that originated in the HoneyBook project

What messages will not appear in a HoneyBook project:

  • Any other messages

If you or a client start a new thread from your email inbox, it will not appear in HoneyBook, even if you have email integration set up.

In order for a client’s messages to appear in HoneyBook, they’ll just need to send a message in one of the above ways!

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