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Your clients' experience with the client portal
Your clients' experience with the client portal

What your clients see when they click your client portal link

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Once you create a project, you can give your client access to the client portal, where they can review and take action on any emails or documents that you’ve sent.

Please note that sharing your client portal link is optional. Whenever you send files and emails to clients through HoneyBook, they'll always have loginless access to the client portal/project workspace.

That said, if you ever want to share a direct link to the client portal with a contact, you can absolutely do that—here's how. We'll cover the different client experiences once a client receives your link, depending on how you shared the link, below.

Client experience with the client portal link

When you share the client portal link from your Settings, or from within a project

  1. First, share your client portal link with your client from your Settings or from within a project

  2. When your client clicks the client portal link from their email, they’ll be brought right to the project workspace with loginless access


When you share your general client portal link

  1. First, copy your general client portal link and share it with a client through the channel of your choice

  2. Recipients of the general link will be brought to your client portal login page. From here:

    • If they've already set a password, they can: Enter their email and password > click Log in

    • If they'd like loginless access, they can: Click Email me a link > enter the email associated with the project

      • Your client will be sent a magic link to the email address that they enter, which they can click on for loginless project access

    • If they forgot their password, or want to set one for the first time, they can: Click Forgot password?, then follow the prompts that appear


Once your client follows one of the three above flows, they’ll be brought right to the project workspace. Here’s what they can and cannot see in the client portal.

What your client sees in the client portal

Once your client is dropped in the client portal/project workspace, they’ll be able to view:

  • The Activity tab, where they can review important activity such as when files were sent and email correspondence, as well as send you a message

  • The Files tab, where they can view and act upon any documents or attachments that have been sent

  • The Payments tab, where they can review their payment schedule and make upcoming payments

  • The project details that you've set to be visible to clients

    • They will not, however, be able to edit these details

  • The Upload button, where they can upload images and files of their own into the project workspace for all participants to view

    • Participants will not receive a notification if an image or file is shared via Upload button

  • An All Projects button to the top left of their screen, if they're added to multiple projects in HoneyBook

    • They can click this button to view and access other projects they've been added to


When your client is viewing the portal, they will not be able to:

  • View the grey toolbar on the right side of your project, which includes your internal notes, tasks, automations, etc.

  • View any banners of conflicting projects

  • View your other projects (that they're not added to as a participant), your pipeline, your account details, etc.

  • Create HoneyBook files of their own

  • Click to schedule a meeting

Still have questions? Feel free to send us a message by clicking the Question Mark icon on any HoneyBook page. Our team is always happy to help!

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