In order to simplify smart files and make sure your content is at your fingertips at all times, you can now add individual blocks and pages from existing smart file templates into new ones, in just a few easy steps! This solution is referred to as reusable blocks and pages. It replaces saved blocks, which will be gradually removed from accounts down the line.

PLEASE NOTE: As of now, your saved blocks are still in your account, and you can still use them in smart files!

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Below, we’ll cover questions like:

How will reusable blocks and pages save me time?

With this update, you no longer need to actively save blocks in order to reuse their content in other smart files. Now, whenever you save a smart file template, you unlock the ability to pull all of its blocks and pages into other smart files in just a few clicks, resulting in a much more nimble build experience.

So, where are my saved blocks?

Saved blocks will be gradually removed from accounts, but for now, you can still access them from the reusable blocks sidebar.

To find and use a saved block:

1. In any smart file, click the large Plus (+) button to add a new block, or add a new blank page.

2. Next, select the block type you’d like to add.

3. The list that appears in the right sidebar will include:

  • Frequently-used smart file templates that contain that block type

  • Any previously-saved blocks of that block type

  • HoneyBook Tip: Your saved blocks will be denoted by the text “Saved block.” They might be lower in the list–just scroll and select Load more templates to load more.

4. Click on the smart file template or saved block name to pull the block into the new file.

Why can I no longer save new blocks?

The short answer–we removed the need for this extra step.

You’ll no longer be able to save blocks, as the new reusable blocks and pages update is an improvement on the process. No functionality is going away, the process is just easier.

Now, whenever you save a smart file template, you can simply pull any of the blocks from the existing template into new smart files. No need to take the extra step of saving the block.

What if I need to update my saved blocks?

When you pull one of your saved blocks into a new smart file, any changes you make will take effect only in the smart file you’re working on—the changes can no longer be saved to the original saved block. However, after making edits, you can easily pull the updated block into new smart files using the reusable blocks tool!

You’ll still be able to make updates, but without needing to constantly save your changes.

How should I think about my saved blocks moving forward?

While you'll still be able to access your saved blocks when adding a new block to a file, there's really no need to keep using them after you've added them to a saved smart file template.

We recommend pulling all of your old saved blocks into a smart file template to save as a whole. From there, feel free to delete the saved blocks. Why? Remember, blocks become automatically reusable after they’re added to a saved smart file template–no need to save individual blocks anymore!

I don’t need my saved blocks anymore–can I delete them?

Yes! To clean up the reusable blocks sidebar, you can delete any saved blocks that you no longer need.

To delete a saved block:

1. In any smart file, click the large Plus (+) button to add a new block, then select the block type that corresponds with the saved block you’d like to delete.

2. In the right sidebar, scroll to locate the saved block.

3. Hover over the name of the saved block and click the trash can icon to delete.

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