Once you set up multiple companies in HoneyBook, your next question might be – can I add a different email for each company? Below, we’ll break down the nitty-gritty of multiple companies, login emails, contract signature emails, and email integrations, so you can keep everything streamlined.

We’ll cover:

Login email

The email that you use to login to HoneyBook is account-based. Even if you’re toggling between companies, you’ll have the same email listed here:

A few things to note:

1. This email cannot be adjusted by company.

2. You'll receive all contact form submission notifications to this email.

3. This email is what appears on your contract signature lines by default.

  • HoneyBook Tip: You can always edit the email that appears on your signature line when you're getting ready to send a contract in a project.

  • If you'd prefer to have a different email show up automatically (i.e., your email is company-specific and you don't want to change it for each contract under your secondary company), you may wish to add a team member to your secondary company and send contracts from that team member login. Here’s how to add a team member to a company.

Email integrations

Email integrations live under your Company Settings, which means you can integrate a different business email for each company!

Need a refresher on connecting your business email to HoneyBook? Here’s how.

A few things to note:

1. This email will show as the sender whenever you send a message from the corresponding company.

2. Remember, even if you’re integrating different emails across companies, you will still have one login email per account.

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