Share out a gift card that included a limited-time deal? Maybe you just need to deactivate an offer because you're changing things up?

No problem! You can easily deactivate a gift card, even if you've already shared it. That way, even if a client has a link to an offer you shared in the past, they won't be able to purchase the gift card.

To deactivate a gift card:

1. From your HoneyBook home page, click the Tools menu.

2. Select Gift Cards from the menu.

3. Make sure you're in the editor screen for the gift card flow you'd like to share. If not, select the Gift Card icon from your sidebar and find your gift card flow of choice.

4. Then, simply toggle your gift card from Active to Inactive.

Now, even if clients do find and click a link to the gift card that you'd shared previously, they'll simply see a notification that the gift card is no longer available to be purchased!

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