Now that you've created some gift cards in HoneyBook and shared the link to access them via email, on social, or on your website, those gift card leads and purchases should start rolling in; so, what's that experience like for your clients?

In this article, we'll review:

Your clients' experience purchasing a gift card

1.  Clicking the gift card link will open that particular gift card's purchasing flow, allowing your client to view the layout you've created.

2.  Your client can now enter any requested information within the flow. 

  • If you've included questions, clients will be able answer them here

  • If you've allowed clients to select the gift card amount, they'll be able to edit the amount within the gift card block by clicking Change Gift Card Amount. Or, if you chose a set amount, clients will be able to see that amount clearly noted.

PLEASE NOTE: The person purchasing should answer these questions with their own information, even if they're purchasing this gift card for someone else. Once the card has been purchased, they can share the redemption code with their gift recipient.

3.  When your client has filled out all required info, they can click Next: Pay.

4.  Now, they'll see a confirmation screen, prompting them to check their email to complete the purchase process.

5.  Once they head to their inbox and open the email they'll have just received, they can click Pay and Activate to complete the purchase.

6.  This will open the payment screen, where they can enter their credit card of choice and complete the payment.

7.  Finally, once they complete the payment, they'll receive an email containing their gift card code! They'll be able to redeem this code any time in the future.

Your clients' experience redeeming a gift card

To redeem a gift card, all your clients need to do is get in touch with you and let you know that they have a code to use! If they purchased a gift card for someone else, the purchaser can forward their confirmation email to the gift recipient (or share the redemption code & your business contact info another way) so that the recipient of the gift can reach out to you instead!

Then, you'll simply create a HoneyBook Project, and your clients' experience from then on will be pretty standard!

They can use the value of their gift card towards any services with you, unless you specify that a particular gift card is for a particular service. 

Before you send your client an Invoice or Proposal for the services for which they're using the gift card, be sure to confirm with them which gift card code they're using

You will enter this code in the Invoice/Proposal you create before you send it to your client.

PLEASE NOTE: Only one gift card redemption code can be used per Invoice/Proposal.

PLEASE NOTE: At this time, your client cannot enter a gift card code in their view of a file. 

If the amount of the gift card fully covers or exceeds the amount of the Invoice to which it's applied, that Invoice will be complete and the client will not have to pay any remaining balance! In addition, if there's more value on the gift card, they'll be able to use the remainder on another service with you down the line.

If the amount of the gift card does NOT fully cover the amount of the Invoice, the gift card value will be deducted from the Invoice total and the client will be responsible for the remainder. They'll be taken through the standard payment process to complete that payment.

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